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After making granola as gifts for several years, friends and relatives suggested starting a business.
So February 2012, came the beginning of Groovy Granola. Flake.png 

Groovy Granola is all natural and always made with high quality ingredients in small batches by hand. I use local New York State Maple Syrup and Honey whenever possible. It is then baked slow at a low temperature. After the granola is cooled, I add the fruit to keep it soft and juicy.

All our granola is crunchy but not too crunchy; and sweet but not too sweet. I have also replaced the oil with Unsweetened Organic Apple Sauce to make it as low fat as possible. There is no additional Gluten added, so the minimal amount is the Oats is it. *We do not use Gluten Free Oats*

There will be new flavors coming out regularly as well as small batch seasonal specials, so come back to the website regularly and/or sign up to be on our mailing list. That way you'll be kept up to date with all things groovy, including special promotions.

Try it with yogurt, ice cream, milk, fresh fruit or straight from the bag as a low fat healthy snack.

    Low Fat and contains NO Cholesterol, Oils, or Preservatives.
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             **Groovy Granola is not certfied Gluten Free but has NO gluten product added.